Solar water heater

  • We have an energy saving product, HEAT PUMP WATER HEATERS suited for these villas/Hotels/Banquet Halls/Hospitals/Swimming Pool.
  •     We have different variants available in 100LPD, 150LPD, 200LPD, 250 PLD, 300LPD, 500LPD, 1000LPD, 1500LPD, 2000LPD, 2500LPD, 3000LPD.
  •     We have both ETC & FPC Solar Water Heater.


  • Solar Irradiation Level Analysis
  • Obstacle/ Shadow Analysis
  • Analysis of Land Coverage Ratio
  • Analysis of PV Orientation & Tilting
  • Soil Strength & Quality
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Operational Location Logistics
  • Supporting facilities for Utility Integration
  • Stability & Long Term Growth Potential
  • Overall Suitability for the proposed project