Operations And Maintenance

The importance of O&M is often ignored by many organizations. Considering the fact that the plant has to generate returns over a period of 25 years, a good O&M contractor, a good monitoring system and above all, a very good O&M process is very critical for the success of the solar and wind structural and electrical Balance of Systems (BoS). The implementation of preventive maintenance procedures presented is a vital part of efforts promoting safe practices in the solar power plant.

O&M Activities

  • Administration
    • Billing
    • Accounting
    • Enforcement of warranties
    • Management of budget and reserves
  • Monitoring
    • Metering for revenue
    • Alarms
    • Diagnostics
  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Scheduled and planned
    • Expenditure is budgeted
  • Corrective Maintenance (repair)
    • Unplanned or condition-based
    • Possible expenditure is kept in reserve or line-of-credit
    • Must be timely and effective